VETtrak Ready Skills Integration

 Ready Skills enables vocational education providers to better track and manage the delivery of workforce skills. From recognising existing learning, to skills planning and assessment, Ready Skills makes managing skills information simple – and empowers meaningful learning journeys.

VETtrak has the ability to integrate such an external LMS system to better streamline the shared processes between them.



Retrieving Ready Skills LMS Integration Details

Your Ready Skills API username and password are set up within the Ready Skills system. This information will be necessary in order to configure Ready Skills within your VETtrak system.

To access these details, start by logging into your Ready Skills account.

Navigate to RTO Settings by going to the Control Panel -> RTO Settings:

In the General tab, scroll down to API Setup.

Within the Add System option, select Ready Skills (Older branding may mention MyProfiling) and take note of the Username and Password section:

Have this information on hand for the next step, configuring Ready Skills within VETtrak.

Setting up the Ready Skills LMS integration for your VETtrak System

To add a new LMS Integration to your VETtrak system, navigate to the Configuration Manager by pressing either the quick-launch Cog icon, or by expanding the Manage menu and selecting Configuration:


Right-click on the LMS Integrations heading, and select Add LMS Integration:


This will display the LMS Integration Configuration Wizard:

In this area, enter the following information:

  1. Enter 'Ready Skills' in the Name field, followed by a Code of your choice.
  2. In the LMS Product dropdown menu, select Ready Skills.

All the other options within this area are defaulted to standard settings and do not require changing.

Press Next.


This will display the API Details configuration area:

Ensure the settings are set to the Live option.

Enter the Username and Password for your Ready Skills API access, as detailed in the previous step.

With these details entered, press the Test Connection button.

If the settings are correct, you should see a message like the following:

With this configured, Press the Next button.


The next page of the wizard is dedicated to Unit Result Mapping.

The purpose of this step is to synchronise what Result types within VETtrak represent the unit outcomes present within the LMS.

In this area, configure the following information:

  1. In the grid, ensure that the LMS Outcomes are matched with VETtrak Result Types that suit your needs.
  2. In the bottom-left, configure the Months in future that your result end dates will be populated as when the unit is started within the LMS.
  3. Finally, in the bottom-right, select what Delivery Strategy is to be entered for units actioned within the LMS.

With this configured, Press the Next button.

The wizard will display the Finish screen.

Press Finish to save the LMS infro



Transferring VETtrak Enrolments to Ready Skills LMS

There are a number of ways to transfer Enrolments from your VETtrak system to the Ready LMS.

These range from sending individual enrolments and occurrence enrolments, retrieving a list of enrolments via Data Insights to process, and finally creating a Trigger to automatically transfer an Enrolment.

These options are described below:

  1. For an Individual Client Enrolment, right-click the enrolment within the appropriate manager (Client Manager, etc) and select Transfer enrolment to Ready Skills:

  2. To transfer Multiple Client Enrolments via an Occurrence, right-click the Enrolments node for an Occurrence in the Programme Manager and select Transfer enrolments to Ready Skills:

  3. To transfer a bulk selection of Enrolments, perform an enrolment-based query within the Data Insights Manager and select  Transfer to Ready Skills:

  4. Finally, you can use Triggers and Actions to prompt a newly created enrolment to be transferred to Ready Skills, by selecting the Transfer to Ready Skills action for a new enrolment creation:


The act of transferring enrolments to Ready Skills makes use of a wizard titled the Transfer enrolments to Ready Skills wizard:

This area provides the option to review LMS/Enrolment details prior to transferring the items.

  1. If you have multiple Ready Skills LMS instances set up, you can select them within this area.
  2. Select was Ready Skills platforms the user will be provided access to.
  3. Within the main grid, select any/all enrolments that are to be transferred to Ready Skills.
  4. Press Transfer to process the enrolments.



Transfer Results from Ready Skills LMS

To retrieve results from the Ready Skills LMS web service, navigate to the Utility menu, and under LMS Integration select Transfer results from Ready Skills:


This will display the Transfer Results from Ready Skills Wizard:

 Press the Download Results button to retrieve a Batch of results:

Within this area you can review the results that are to be downloaded, as well as browse previous batches by dropping down the Batch selection.

The Status area on the right hand side will change colours to denote any Warnings or Errors that may be present in the retrieved data.

Pressing Save will process the results into VETtrak.

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