Process: Configuring Two-Factor Authentication for a VETtrak Login

You can activate two-factor authentication for when you sign in to VETtrak, utilising an Authentication App to provide an added layer of security.


Two-factor authentication is a system that incorporates an additional code be entered when signing in – retrieved from a mobile device. For more information on MFA/2FA, please take a look at our article:


Setting up Two-Factor Authentication for your VETtrak Software Login

To set up two-factor authentication for your VETtrak log in, expand the File menu and select Configure two-factor authentication:


This will display the Configure Two-factor Authentication Wizard:


The first page of this wizard will provide some detailed information on how the system works, as well as providing informative links to the supported Authenticator Apps, including:

  1. Google Authenticator
  2. Twilio Authy
  3. Microsoft Authenticator
  4. LastPass Authenticator

These available apps should provide a variety of options to support a range of mobile devices.

Note: To successfully configure and use an Authenticator App it is important both your computer and your mobile device have the correct time.

When you are ready to begin the set up procedure, press Next - This will display the QR Code for your Authenticator set up.

Authentication Apps will often require a QR code to retrieve the relevant details for your VETtrak log in: mceclip0.png


If you are unable to scan the code, you can press the 'I can't scan this code' to see a manual id number:

This can be entered into your App of choice to verify the Authenticator instead of the QR code.


Press next to see the Verification page:


On this page, you will need to retrieve a code from your Authenticator app, and enter it into the verification area.

Once you have pressed the Verify button, a message will appear in green text like the following:


Pressing Next will display a page that allows you to record your Backup Codes:


These backup codes are required should you ever lose access to your Authenticator. Each code is a pre-generated login code, allowing your to access the VETtrak system and reconfigure your authenticator settings.

⚠️ Store these codes in a safe, secure location. ⚠️


With this process completed, you will now have an Authenticator linked to your VETtrak login.

When you next sign in to the VETtrak software, enter your password as normal - you will then be prompted to enter your Authenticator Verification Code:

Once this is entered VETtrak will open as normal, ready for use.


Closing the set-up wizard early

If you close the wizard early, you may receive a message like so:

This is alerting you that the set up procedure may be incomplete – if this is the case, you may need to remove the detail in your Authenticator App for VETtrak before trying the set up procedure again.


Modifying the Two-Factor Authentication for your VETtrak Login

Once Two-Factor Authentication has been successfully configured for your VETtrak log in, re-opening the wizard will give you a variety of options to manage/update the settings:

Immediately the wizard will confirm that Two-Factor Authentication is enabled.

You can then select from the following options:

  • View your backup codes or generate new ones
    This option will allow you to view the existing backup codes for your current authenticator set up. You can also use this option to generate new codes should you require.
  • Deactivate your existing two-factor authentication key and set up a new one
    This process can be used to clear the existing two-factor set up in use, and set up an entirely new one. This can be useful if you require the two-factor to be set up on a new mobile device to replace your old one.
  • Set up your existing two-factor authentication key on an additional mobile device or authentication app 
    Select this option to allow yourself to go through the set up process an additional time, so you can submit the QR code or numeric set up code to another device/authenticator app.
  • Deactivate two-factor authentication
    This option will take you through the process of removing the two-factor authentication you currently have configured.


What do I do if I lose access to my Authenticator?

If you have lost access to your Authenticator for whatever reason, you can still access your account and update the authentication details by using your backup codes. These can be used in lieu of a generated code to get you back up and running. You can then take the time to amend your two-factor set up to replace or remove your settings.

If you do not have access to your Authenticator or your backup codes, you can contact the Security Manager for your VETtrak system, so they can walk through the steps to allow you the opportunity to manage your authenticator set up upon your next log in to the software.

See this article for details: Process: Lost Access to Two-Factor Authentication for a VETtrak Login

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