VETenrol 20.3 Release Notes - 22nd September 2020

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VETenrol 20.3.0 Release Notes - 22nd September 2020


New Features

  • AJAX Calls

    The Standard Registration process has been entirely overhauled to avoid page reloads when users select various options (especially from drop-down lists). This was prevalent on the AVETMISS step, but most other steps also had an option where communication was necessary with the server causing the user to be interrupted so that the changes triggered by their selection could take effect. This change improves performance and usability for users.

  • Award Verification Service

    A new service is available allowing users to enter their credentials and view details on their awards.

  • Secure Payment automated notification email

    An email message will now be sent to users from the secure server where credit card payment is taken to confirm successful payment. This is in addition to the confirmation email normally sent on completion of the registration process.

  • Payment Method: Fee Waiver

    This new method can be enabled via Payment Settings in the Individual Registrations Payment Preferences section.



  • Rapid Registrations
    The user will be given feedback between confirming their registration and viewing the confirmation, indicating that processing is underway.

    • Courses: Sort Order - When a Rapid link to the courses widget contains multiple programme IDs, the order of the IDs in the link will determine the list order of the drop-down box for courses.

    • New settings: Show all occurrences, and Prevent / Allow enrolment in Expired occurrence. These are the Rapid equivalents of the Site Settings of the same name.

    • Close dates will now apply to Rapid Registrations.

  • Eligibility Forms

    Mobile phone is now mandatory for users submitting eligibility forms.

  • Suburbs/Postcode list

    The list of suburbs VETenrol cross-references to ensure users are entering a valid address has been updated.

  • Town of Birth

    Inconsistencies with the display and behaviour of this field at the USI and AVETMISS steps have been resolved.

    • Town of Birth will be disabled and pre-filled with the Country of Birth when a country other than Australia is chosen.

    • Town of Birth will be displayed at the AVETMISS step (if the option is enabled) even when it has already been provided at the USI step, however, it will be pre-filled as answered at the USI step (consistent with Country of Birth, also appearing at both steps).

  • Language Spoken at the AVETMISS Step for standard registrations and data completions.

    • Pre-filled to English if users indicate that they do not speak a language other than English at home.

    • Behaviour adjusted in conjunction with the Mandatory setting for this field.

  • The Jobactive Provider section for the Concession step can now be branded. The heading and labels in the section can be renamed by request. A potential usage is to replace existing labels with DES Provider.

  • VTDocs Integration

    Skills First Program PDF now uploads to VTDocs if the file exists.

  • Limited Access Password

    Users logging into VETenrol with the Registrations View-Only Password will now be permitted to update names and contact information in the registration details.

  • API URL field for Enrolment API Details section of General Settings will only accept HTTP addresses, if an HTTP address is entered it will not be able to be saved. This will not impact existing addresses that have already been saved unless the API URL requires changing.

  • Various minor changes to improve security. These changes do not have a visible impact on VETenrol.


Bug Fixes

  • Pay Now/Deferred Payment error after the user clicks the process button.

  • Kalendar issue where listed class times incorrectly adjusted for daylight savings time.

  • Save for Later issue where referral source question (how did you hear about us) is lost.

  • Fixed input masking for email addresses allowing invalid addresses through.

  • Mail receipt templates using classes placeholders emailed blank due to direct occurrence link bypassing class data.

  • Referrer URL when viewing registration details causing issues due to text not wrapping.

  • Issues with Re-creating web enrolment from Client Admin:

    • Post Code populating PO Box in VETtrak Web Enrolment.

    • Vic Occupation and Industry incorrectly passed preventing client creation in VETtrak.



VETenrol 20.3.1 Release Notes - 24th September 2020


Bug Fixes

  • Rapid Registration: Missing email receipt date causing an error - String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.

  • VSN Step validation prevents proceeding when a VSN is unknown and school attendance questions are answered.



VETenrol 20.3.2 Release Notes - 28th October 2020



  • Removed requirement for Employers to have at least the State specified in their address before the employer would be listed for auto-complete.

  • Improvements to performance loading from Logon to the default Registrations page.

  • Change Occurrence feature now has the Show all occurrences option, which includes published occurrences with past start dates for selection.


Bug Fixes

  • Collect Gender option tick/untick issue on Rapid Registration Settings.

  • Error with the Courses page for Rapid Registration when the Show All Occurrence option ticked.

  • Save for Later button erroneously appearing for Custom Forms via the Group Booking process

  • Save for Later process incorrectly displaying International Address at the Detail step if the user returns to that step, and not remembering Contact Method. Not remembering How long have you worked with this employer asked at the AVETMISS step.

  • The save for Support button erroneously appears on resuming a saved registration when the support feature isn't enabled.

  • USI option for RTO to Create an issue with Town of Birth for users born outside of Australia that prevents the client from being created in VETtrak.

  • Employer Auto-complete is unavailable for links containing occurrence or programme IDs.

  • Group Booking places upload for CSVs producing an unexpected error.

  • Group Booking email address with masking not triggering validation.

  • AVETMISS Step Prior Education incorrectly passing to VETtrak with Certificate III registering as Miscellaneous eduction.

  • AVETMISS Issues with Vic Industry and Occupation questions in combination with the Force Collection of Employment Status.

  • AVETMISS validation issues, inc. automatically highlighting Employment Status question, incorrectly pre-selecting Neither for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander question when Australia is chosen as the Country of Birth.



VETenrol 20.3.3 Release Notes - 18th November 2020



  • NSW Smart & Skilled step: Employment Service Provider is no longer abbreviated to ESP.

  • Change Occurrence now triggers a Contact Diary entry for the registration.

  • Volume Breaks: The behaviour of all break types have been changed to apply per place rather than to the total cost.


Bug Fixes

  • Display of apostrophes in names for Rapid Registration.

  • Town of birth not retained for users indicating Australia as their country of birth.

  • Email addresses with multiple dots (eg. were prevented from being entered correctly by the mask.

  • Volume Breaks ignoring range.

  • Concession file uploads not saving.

  • School file upload link not downloading from VET Student Loans section of Registration Details.

  • Confirmation Email placeholder, *PROGRAMMENAME*, fixed for the subject line.



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New Features

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Bug Fixes

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