Video: VETengage - Powering Contactless Education (June 11, 2020)

Explore how you can make a seamless transition to Contactless Education with the VETtrak product suite and VETtrak 20.2.

We'll get hands-on with our Student and Trainer Portals, explore how best to use our online enrolment solutions, and dig into managing remote assessment and delivery within the VETtrak ecosystem.

We'll unpack elements of the VETtrak 20.2 release, including VETembark CRM, to show how our new features and functionality simplify everything from delivering remote video conferencing to managing complex workflows like lead management or pre-enrolment.

Further, we'll show you how new and existing functionality can be applied to support contactless education throughout your student lifecycle. Discover new features and functionality that can transform your efficiency, and expand your effectiveness.

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