VETenrol 20.2 Release Notes - 9th June 2020

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VETenrol 20.2.0 Release Notes - 9th June 2020


New Features

  • New options to make questions mandatory.

    • Force collection of Gender, for the Personal Step of the standard registration process.

    • Force collection of Nationality, for the Identity Step.

    • Force collection of Town of Birth, for the AVETMISS step.

  • Re-engineered to allow iFrames to continue working on various iOS and Mac devices.



  • USI Step link updated.

  • Occurrence enquiries to waitlist now supported.

  • Parent Name added to Registration Details email attachment.

  • Page top warning removed for LLN & Custom Forms. Inline warnings remain.

  • Free-form Positions submitted through VETenrol will now be created in VETtrak (passed in through additional data).

  • Occurrence Short Code added to Summary Report.

  • Language Spoken question at AVETMISS no longer defaults to English, instead of requiring users to select a language themselves.


Bug Fixes

  • Shopping Cart shared cart issue.

  • Client Admin search by programme session time-out.

  • Employer email was not updating in VETtrak.

  • Bulk Email option not sending emails.

  • Editor issue with multiple editors on the same page not updating to show correct content.



VETenrol 20.2.1 Release Notes - 23rd June 2020



  • Occurrence Short Code in Summary Report updated to only show if enabled in Site Settings.

  • New options to make some existing questions mandatory:

    • Gender

    • Town of Birth (AVETMISS)

  • These options are available from Registration Settings and Data Completion Settings.


Bug Fixes

  • The issue with signing on Data Completions.

  • The issue with an Employer email address not updating in VETtrak.

  • Identity step typo in error message shown when the user didn't enter their Visa expiry date.

  • AVETMISS Step bug occurs when Registration Setting Only show AVETMISS on occurrences with qualification enabled.

  • Search by the programme while viewing the Registrations list causing a session time out.



VETenrol 20.2.2 Release Notes - 14th July 2020


New Features

  • Phone Bookings

    The Enrol menu option has been added to the Admin. It will step staff members through the registration process on behalf of a client.

  • Schedule View now supports a number of settings available via Site Settings.

  • Former Surname field added to the standard registration process. This new field can be enabled via Registration Settings.



  • Emergency Contact details can now be made mandatory with an option in Registration Settings and Data Completion Settings.

  • The Force email confirmation option, which requires users to enter their email twice to confirm the address is correct, is now available via Data Completion Settings.

  • Registration Details updates:

    • Group Bookings will now list the VETtrak EnroID for individuals identified during the Places step (where applicable).

    • Further support for VTDocs integration:

      • VTDocs status displayed in the Status section. This will provide the error message if documents were not able to be uploaded to VTDocs for the registration.

      • The supporting Documents section will upload to VTDocs when files are added.

  • A number of security enhancements have been applied, including recording of user login attempts and a report to view this data.


Bug Fixes

  • AVETMISS Step language spoken dropdown not correctly displaying when a user indicates they speak a language other than English at home.

  • Study Reason, when displayed at the Confirm step, not passing to VETtrak.

  • Rapid Registrations do not pass some data to VETtrak depending on the combination of Rapid Registration Settings enabled.

  • “data too long for column ‘recipient’ at row 1” error when trying to send an email from a template via the Registration Details has been resolved.

  • Suport for Occurrence Waitlisting was introduced in 20.2, but Site Settings did not allow the Push enquiries to the VETtrak Waiter option when only the occurrence enquiry buttons were enabled. This has been resolved and either enquiry type will enable the Push option.

  • Smart & Skilled step updated to be included in the registration if ANY of the following have NSW locations: Occurrence Location, Participant Residential Address, Participant Employer Address. Previously set to show only if both the Occurrence Location AND either residential or work location was NSW.


VETenrol 20.2.3 Release Notes - 12th August 2020


Bug Fixes

  • ViewState error occurs when using the location filter if Classes are set to always show.

  • Employer auto-complete ignoring active Employers if they do not have a state specified in their address.

  • Eligibility Builder issue where popup closes when trying to select a different outcome type.


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