Document Management within VETtrak

VETtrak has the ability to store and retrieve documents and files relating to various aspects of your training activities, by linking to them directly to different data entities within the VETtrak Software. This is done by activating the FileTrak feature to turn on Document Management functions. 

Files can be stored:

  • On your local computer or network
  • On the internet
  • In a separate document database (If you have configured a Document Database)
Contact VETtrak Support via to have these features enabled on your account

There are advantages and disadvantages of the different storage methods, with some clarification offered below.

Files stored on local computer or network

  • Files can be easily opened, edited and saved back to the same location.
  • Files need to be maintained in their original locations. If any files or folders are moved or deleted, the links to the documents will be lost.

Files stored online or in a Document Database

  • All files kept together in a single location.
  • Files will still be accessible even if the original is moved or deleted.
  • Easy to keep and track multiple versions of the same file.
  • Can make use of online storage options like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive
  • Cannot open and save an edited file back to the same location; would need to save locally, edit and upload the file again

Because of these different options and their uses, we recommend VETtrak users consider what would best suit their needs.

Documents can be linked to a massive variety of data entities within VETtrak, as an example:

  • Clients
  • Awards
  • Enrolments
  • Units
  • Qualifications
  • Tasks

For information on linking files within VETtrak, look at our Linking Documents & Files Within VETtrak article.

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