Linking Documents & Files Within VETtrak

Making use of FileTrak within VETtrak allows documents to be attached/linked to different data headings within VETtrak. This article serves to explain the different methods to access these file links wizards across the software.

Linking Documents within VETtrak Wizards

Documents can be linked via any wizard that has the document icon in the bottom right-hand corner:mceclip0.png

Click this button to open the Document Linking Wizard:

Click the Add button to link a new document. The File Link Wizette will open, allowing you to select and configure a document:

Within this wizette, configure the following:

  • Select the Link Style, determining whether the file will be stored in your Document Database or provided as shortcut link to it's location. The Link Style can determine whether you are directly linking to a file on your computer or network, to a file that is kept in online storage (Such as Google Drive, etc) or whether the file is stored in your Document Database, as mentioned above.
  • Select a File Type. File types serve as a way of categorising your files by assigned a type to them - however unique file types, such as Student Upload/Trainer Upload/Training Plan are used to determine if the uploaded file should be viewable within VETtrak Portal Products. The file type App Sign is a special signature-based file type, and should not be used.
  • Within the File Location area, browse for your file.
  • The Name area will default to the filename you have selected, but can be amended if you wish to rename the file upload linking it.
  • Finally, add a Description of the file should you wish.

Clicking Finish will then save this item against this particular data entity.

Viewing/Linking Documents within VETtrak Managers

Selecting most Data headings within a manager will highlight a panel in the bottom right-hand side, known as the Selected item information area - this includes a Documents tab:

This area serves as an immediate micro-manager to view existing document resources linked to that data entity:

There are also a range of controls in this area to:

  • The Compact View dropdown provides the option to toggle the amount of information displayed per document in this area.
  • The Include Subordinates option will toggle showing all files below the currently selected record, including any files attached to data types linked to the selected parent item. (For example, selecting Include Subordinates when an Enrolment is selected will show any documents linked to Units within the enrolment.)
  • Add buttons to attach documents (either individually or as a multi-file option)
  • Within the Display Grid, a list of attached documents will be displayed, including options to:
    • Open/Save/Email/Edit existing documents
    • Delete/Remove documents

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