Digital Credentials Overview

VETtrak customers can issue digital credentials via Credly’s Acclaim platform directly from within the student management system.

Digital credentials enable education and training providers to digitise recognised credentials for the units, courses or qualifications they already deliver – which can then be awarded to their students.

Students can then share their digital credentials across various social media platforms and with potential employers, raising their personal profile, as well as that of the training organisation. This verified credential empowers employers to better differentiate between candidates with industry-ready skills.

To use digital credentials, you first set up the badge templates that you want to be able to issue on the Acclaim website. VETtrak allows you to map the qualifications/courses within your VETtrak system to these badge templates. You can then use VETtrak to issue digital credentials to clients for their awards, which can be done for individual awards, or can be done in bulk by querying awards in Data Insights or when creating awards for occurrences.

For more information about ReadyCred, refer to this site. To activate the digital credentials feature, please contact your VETtrak account manager on 1800 VETtrak or email

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