Resetting a Lost or Forgotten VETtrak Password

If configured in the Security Settings wizard, VETtrak has the ability to reset a forgotten password via an email to the user.

The way this works is that a user can press the Forgot my password option on the VETtrak Login window:


This will begin the Forgot Password process, showing the Forgot Password Wizard.

In this area, begin by entering the email address associated with your VETtrak software user account:


Note: This will be the email entered against your client profile in the VETtrak software itself

The next page of this wizard will expect a Password reset code, which is to be sent to your email.


The code will arrive in an email much like the following:


Note: This is code is an example only, do not use the above code when trying to reset your VETtrak password

Enter the code from your email into the Forgot Password Wizard:


If the code is entered correctly, VETtrak will now allow you to set up a new password:


Once you have confirmed these details, a message like the following will display.


You can now use these details to sign in to the VETtrak software! 



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