Security Settings

Users with access to Security within VETtrak can access the Security Settings wizard. This allows you to configure a range of security-related settings in regards to user log in credentials, password management and added security for VETtrak product log ins.

To access this area, go to the File menu and select Security Settings:


This will display the Security Settings Wizard:


  1. The first option within the Password Policy area dictates how long your user passwords must be, determining the minimum length that can be used.
  2. Passwords must contain allows you to mandate that a particular unique character or upper/lowercase text is present in your user passwords. (Optional)
  3. Force Password Change can be enabled if you wish for your VETtrak users to change their passwords at regular times. (Optional)

Press the Next button to view the Username/New Password Distribution page:


  1. Default Username governs how a VETtrak clients Username will be generated, based off details entered during the creation of the client.
  2. If you wish to send newly created passwords to your users, the Default password distribution method will let you choose whether this is to be done by Email or SMS.
  3. Default Merge template determines what email template is used to communicate the password details to your VETtrak user. These can be customised, however VETtrak will come pre-configured with default templates.

Press the Next button to view the Password Reset Settings page:


  1. Password reset emails will provide the option to allow VETtrak desktop users the ability to reset their password if forgotten. This will require your Email Preferences within VETtrak to be configured and working.
  2. Expire un-actioned password resets can be configured to allow a reset request to expire if it was perhaps sent in error.

Press the Next button to view the Two-factor authentication Settings page:


For more information on Two-factor authentication, please see our What is Two-Factor/Multi-Factor Authentication? article regarding MFA/2FA.

  1. 2FA will be checked every area is designed to allow a VETtrak admin to configure how often a two-factor code will be required when signing in to a VETtrak product.
  2. The Enforce checkbox can be used to make two-factor authentication mandatory for any particular VETtrak product you wish.
  3. The 2FA must be set up by drop down becomes available once the Enforce checkbox is ticked, and provides access to a date selector to nominate a deadline for when the two-factor set up must be completed. This will prompt an alert to appear in the VETtrak product as the data approaches:

Pressing Next will display the Finish page to save your settings:


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