AVETMISS Error - "Outcome Identifier - National (20) must be 51, 52, 60, 70 or 85 when Delivery Mode Identifier is NNN"

Error Details

NAT FileError CodeError Description
Outcome Identifier - National (20) must be  51, 52, 60, 70 or 85 when Delivery Mode Identifier is NNN


This error indicates that you've selected 'Not Applicable' as the Delivery Mode for your enrolment and you've recorded a Competent results against a unit/module within the enrolment.


To amend this, you will need to edit the enrolment and manually change the Delivery Mode from 'Not applicable' to the most applicable Delivery Mode for that enrolment.

If you appear to have a large number of enrolments with this same issue, there is an option to change them all in bulk. You can find a guide on updating all Delivery Modes in bulk using the Data Insights Manager below;

Process: Bulk Update Of Delivery Modes Using The Data Insights Manager


If you are unsure what your compliance requirements are, you can contact NCVER for clarification. If you know your compliance requirements but need help using the VETtrak software, you can contact VETtrak Support for assistance on 1800 838 872, email support@vettrak.io or submit a support ticket here.

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