Support Centre: Managing Your VETtrak Company Contacts

Within the online Customer Centre, you can manage a list of company contacts for your organisation within the Support Centre.

To access this area and get started, click the Customer Centre button in the top right-hand side of the VETtrak website to navigate to the VETtrak Customer Centre:

Once you are signed in, choose the Support Centre option:

On the Selection Page:Or within the Knowledge Base:

Within the area that follows, you will see your Organisation Details as well as Active Contacts on the right:

You have a range of options within this area to keep your Company Details up to date, as well as manage your approved VETtrak company contacts.


Update Company Details

To amend your Company Information, press the Edit Details button:

This will display a new page where you can edit/add information as needed:

This area includes:

  • General information
  • Contact Details
  • Address Information (Business Location/Postal Information)
  • Delivery States

All of this information is secured privately for VETtrak to assist your company, and is not shared with any external services or bodies.

Once you have satisfactorily updated your information, press the Save button to be returned to the Support Centre.


Add/Manage VETtrak Company Contacts

It is important to keep a current list of a approved VETtrak company contacts. This governs who you have granted access to the VETtrak Support Service, and assists our Support Team with providing the best assistance they can.

You have a range of Contact management options in this area:

  1. Pressing Add New will allow you to Create a new Company Contact, displaying a form like so to enter their details:
  2. Pressing Select Primary will allow you to nominate a new Company Primary Contact.

    Your Primary Contact should be the person you consider to be the Primary VETtrak User/Admin, and is responsible for sensitive VETtrak enquiries and administrative options.

    * You can only select existing Company Contacts to be set as the Primary contact. If a new person is to be set as the primary contact, make sure you use the Add New button first to add them to your Approved Contact list.
  3. Pressing Edit Contact against an existing Company Contact will allow you to edit/update their details: 

  4. Pressing Archive Contact will prompt you to set this contact to Inactive. This is used to communicate if someone has perhaps left your business, and is no longer considered an Approved VETtrak Contact.

    *Only the Primary Contact can set an inactive Contact to be Active again.


Activating Customer Centre Access

When a new Contact is created, you can Invite them to start accessing the VETtrak Customer Centre with their own account. 

This is done by pressing the Invite button displayed on a newly created VETtrak Contact:

This will prompt an email to be sent to the Contacts email address, where they can finalise their account creation (such as choosing a password) and allowing them to start accessing the VETtrak Customer centre.

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