Process: Creating a Contract (For an Traineeship/Apprenticeship)

Some training information in VETtrak requires additional details be entered to communicate the presence of a Traineeship/Apprenticeship. This is done by creating a Contract to link to your Enrolment.

A Contract will represent the Training Agreement or Contract of Training in place. All New Apprentices (Apprentices and Trainees) enter into a Training Agreement with their employer in the presence of an Australian Apprenticeship Centre (AAC). The contract record in VETtrak corresponds to this information for reporting purposes.

Setting the Collection State

Before creating a Contract, review what you have chosen at the top of VETtrak in the Collection State selection – You will be required to select the state that this contract will take place in. This will also effect the creation process, prompting for State Specific requirements to be enforced.

Creating a New Contract

There are many ways to enrol a client in VETtrak, in this example go to the Create menu, and select Contract:

There are also context sensitive ways to create Contracts, such as right clicking a clients Contracts heading, and selecting to Add Contract.

On this screen, Use the Search option on the left hand side to look up the client you wish to enrol, and select them by double clicking their name.

You may notice this window specifies that you can select more than one client – this allows you to create contracts for multiple people at once, creating a Traineeship/Apprenticeship Contract for each selected client. For this demonstration, we will only be selecting one person.

When you have selected the person you want, press next to continue to the contract wizard proper.

  1. Enter the nominal start and finish dates of this Training Agreement.
  2. Enter the State where the New Apprenticeship is located.
  3. Choose the type of contract from the drop-down box. These are set up in the Configuration Manager.
  4. Enter the Training Agreement number as supplied from your state training authority, or a temporary code such as TBA. There are different rules governing this number in different states, and the field will have a different name depending on the state.

    Some TCID's will require specific formatting in order to work correctly - For example, NSW requires a forward slash ( / ) to populate the Training Contract ID and STA Client Number.
  5. Enter the client's Delta number.

    In Northern Territory, Queensland, Tasmania and Victoria, if a Delta Number has been added for this client in the Personal Wizard, this field will be automatically populated with that number, but it can be changed here if necessary. If there is no Delta Number entered in the Personal Wizard, the value entered here will be automatically added to the field in the Personal Wizard when the contract is saved. If there is already a value in the Personal Wizard, it will not be overwritten by the value entered here.

    The Training Agreement Number and Delta fields may have a unique name, depending on the state you are reporting in. These names are listed here:
    TASRegn No.Trainee ID
    VICEpsilon Cont ID
    Apprentice Epsilon No
    NTContract CodeSTA Client No.
    WAWAAMS No.STA Client No.
    QLDRegn No.Learner Unique Id
    ACTSequence No.STA Client No.
    SACOT No.VETA/S4A Student No
  6. Choose an Employer from the drop-down box. You can also enter the postcode where the New Apprenticeship is located.

    This will be automatically populated with their employer's postcode, if available, but can be changed if necessary.

    You can also specify a the contact person for the selected Employer if applicable.
  7. Choose a Qualification from a Training Package or a Course. The selection box contains the Qualifications from Training Packages by default. You can toggle to the list of Courses by ticking the Show courses in list box.
  8. Indicate the current status of the Training Agreement. For a new contract this will be "Active". These are set up in the Configuration Manager. You can also indicate the date this status took effect. For a new contract this will be the start date of the contract.

    If the contract status is later changed to "Cancelled" select a cancellation reason. These are set up in the Configuration Manager.
  9. Choose a Vocation from the drop-down box (mandatory in SA only). Click the button on the left to create a new vocation 'on-the-fly'.
  10. Enter the industrial award under which the New Apprentice is employed (optional).
  11. Indicate if the client is full-time.
  12. Indicate if the person is receiving credit for prior training.


Press Next to display the Pricing Details area:

Within here you can add any pricing related information that is relevant to the Contract, managed within the Configuration Manager as Pricing Items.

For financial details that are to be reported as part of this Students' training, this information will need to be entered in the Enrolment wizard as part of the Enrolment process.

Simply right-click either the Contract or Inventory headings to add the desired Pricing Item.


Press Next to display Additional Information / Claim Details area:

There are four optional sections to this page:

  1. Enrolment Staff - Click the Add button to link various staff members of various types to this contract . This allows you to obtain reports which list the staff members and then the trainees associated with each person. One staff member can be set as the primary contact. Staff types are set up in the Configuration Manager. You can add a new staff member 'on-the-fly' by clicking the button above the Primary column.
  2. Choose an RTO-type employer to indicate who the RTO is for this contract.
  3. Choose an AAC-type employer to indicate who the AAC is for this contract.

    NOTE: AACs and RTOs are 'Employers' in VETtrak with the dropdown type on the second page of the Employer Wizard set to AAC / RTO.
  4. The 12 Claim fields can be used when the employer receives incentives from the Commonwealth govt.

    NOTE: These fields are considered to be legacy fields, as this reporting type is not used in many modern training agreements.


Click Next to progress to the final information page.

  1. The Claim History fields contain information relating to claims from the state government. For Queensland users, this information will be automatically filled in from the imported Qld Claim Summary spreadsheet.
  2. A free text Description or notes can be entered here if required.


Press Next to continue. This will display the Finish button, at this point the Apprenticeship/Traineeship Contract will be created.


You can view your created Contract within the Client Manager by expanding the relevant heading, such as Contracts. Right-clicking on an existing Contract will give you the option to Edit the item should you require:

If you have taken the steps to attach an enrolment to a Contract, it will appear under the Contract heading once expanded.



Attaching an Enrolment to a Contract

A contract is only valid if it is attached to an Enrolmentas the Enrolment will contain all of the training activity for the Apprenticeship/Traineeship, such as Unit Activity and Funding Information.

To attach an Enrolment to a Contract, edit the enrolment in question by right-clicking on it and selecting Edit Enrolment:

Within the Enrolment wizard, drop down the Select contract to attach enrolment to heading, and select the Contract you have created:

Press the Next button through to Finish, and this will link the Enrolment to the Contract.

The Enrolment will now display as an item under the Contract within the appropriate heading:

You can right-click and manage this Enrolment as normal from this area.

Note: Occurrence Enrolments can also be linked to contracts in this way, and managed as normal.

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