Comments for Deleted Records

Certain records within VETtrak are designed to retain a deletion history, containing information such as the Date when the deletion occurred, and which VETtrak User processed the deletion.

VETtrak provides the opportunity to record a comment for posterity, explaining the purpose behind the need to delete the data.

When you choose to delete an important record:

The following window will appear, providing the option to add detail to the deletion record:

This comment can then be seen when Admin-level reports are run to display deleted items, alongside details such as the name of the user who processed the deletion, and the date it occurred.


The VETtrak records that retain a deletion history, and therefore will allow for comments to be recorded include:

  • Client
  • Employer
  • Enrolment 
  • Enrolled unit
  • Award
  • Programme
  • Invoice
  • Payment
  • Suburb
  • VET student loan course of study
  • VET student loan unit of study

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