Using the NCVER AVETMISS Validation Service Integration

Once you have configured the NCVER AVETMISS Validation Service Web Service Integration details in your Global Preferences, you can utilise the option to directly send your generated AVETMISS files to NCVER.

Doing this will allow a user to upload State or National AVETMISS files direction to the NCVER AVS system for validation, including the option to use validation rules if required.

To generate AVETMISS files to report to NCVER, first select the AVETMISS menu, then select Generate State/National AVETMISS 8 (2018+) files:

This will bring up the Generate AVETMISS Wizard, allowing you to process the generation as you normally would. When you are free from errors, and ready to export, press Save NAT files to view the following pop out menu.

Select Upload to AVS, and press the Save NAT files button in the pop out menu:

The next screen will display the upload progress via a green bar:

Once this has completed, it will indicate that the upload is complete and ready to start validation - press Next to continue:

This will display the AVS validation options that are available as part of an NCVER upload. If you are required to make use of one or more of these options, simply tick the Use box to the left-hand side. Once satisfied with your selection, press Finish to begin the AVS validation process.

You will receive a message like the following, indicating that the AVS Validation process is now occurring. This message also describes your options for retrieving results of the validation, either by awaiting a notification within VETtrak, or using the Download Validation Results option.

If you choose to wait for the Notification, it will appear in the bottom right hand side of your screen upon completing, appearing like so:

This will display on top of any active windows like below, and can be dismissed by pressing the [X] option in the top right hand side.

Clicking this alert will open the Validation Results wizard, and display the generation in question:


Alternatively you can use the AVETMISS Menu option to Download validation results from AVS:

Within the wizard, use the AVETMISS generation selection box in the top right to select the Generation you wish to retrieve, then press Download validation results:

The wizard will display a graphic to indicate that the retrieval is taking place:

Once the files are retrieved, the validating files will be displayed within the window, and can be expanded and reviewed as you wish:

Within here you will be able to view any warnings or errors that have been returned from AVS, and expand the heading to review and edit the data as required to amend them.

To finalise the submission, or download any detailed error reports, you will require to login to AVS. You can press the button to prompt the AVS website to open, allowing access to the website tools to Finalise Submission and Download Summary Files.

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