Process: Set Up NCVER AVETMISS Validation Service Integration

VETtrak can integrate with the NCVER Web Service, allowing a VETtrak user to send AVETMISS files directly to the AVS system - eliminating the requirement to manually save and upload them for validation.


This process will need to be completed for each unique VETtrak log in account that has been configured within your VETtrak Security Manager

To configure this option, choose File > Global Preferences.

Select Compliance preferences from the Preference items list, then choose the AVS tab:

Within this area, there are a standard set of details used for the service to function. In order to link your AVS login to the web service, press the Connect button.

The following Authentication Wizette will appear:

A User Code Token will be generated, and will remain live for 10 minutes. After this time has elapsed, if not used, the User Code Token will expire.

Once the code has been generated, press the Copy button, then press Login to AVS.

A web browser will open, displaying the AVS website. If you are not already logged in, it will prompt you to do so, otherwise it will continue to the User Code Token entry step:

Log in with your AVS Website Details, and the following page will ask for your Generated VETtrak User Code Token:

Enter your code, and press Submit - from here, you should see the following screen confirming the access. Press Allow to confirm the process.

Once successfully authenticated, a message like the following should display:

You can now return to VETtrak, where another message will display to confirm the successful activation:

With this set up complete, you are ready to start uploading AVETMISS Files directly to NCVER.

Article: Using the NCVER AVETMISS Validation Service Integration


Additional Note:

Each AVS log in for an individual within your organisation will require it's own VETtrak User Code Token in order to make use of this functionality. If you attempt to submit a new token for an AVS login that is already verified, you will encounter an error like the following 'A Valid Token currently exists':

If this is the case, the signed in AVS account already has a token associated with it. If you do require to enter a new token for whatever purpose, you can revoke an existing token under the user settings menu in the top right:


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