National AVETMISS Reporting: Omitted Qualifications/Courses

When submitting National AVETMISS files as part of your quarterly submission, you are unable to submit a NAT30A file. A NAT30A file is generated when your data contains Courses or Qualifications that do not exist on the TGA master list ( For VETtrak users, these 'Custom' courses are often utilised for internal VETtrak processes - For example, to group a selection of VET recognised units together for training.

VETtrak has logic built into it to omit these 'Custom' courses, to ensure your National data only includes recognised VET information - with the ability to review the omitted data and make sure it is correct.

Don't panic!

This functionality will have no impact on your submitted data - the units will be reported as normal, however the course information will not be present in your generated files. Within VETtrak, everything will appear as normal - this will only affect your NAT file export.

Generating National AVETMISS

For national AVETMISS generations, any qualifications/courses that do not have the “Exists in” checkbox ticked will not be included in the NAT30 generation, and any units reported with such qualifications/courses will have the qualification/course code cleared out of the NAT120 file.


When generating your National AVETMISS files, there is an option to View excluded quals prior to saving your NAT files:

If the above tickbox is on, at the end of the AVETMISS generation (before any file saving), this screen will appear, listing the qualifications/courses that were removed from the NAT30 generation:

This provides the opportunity to review the information that will be omitted, and ensure that it is correct. If an item appears in here in error, it means that the “Exists in” checkbox is not ticked - you can press thebutton to the left hand side of a Qual/Course name to edit the item on the flight, and amend the information.

The Info item also provides further clarification on this functionality:

The following qualifications/courses have been excluded from your NAT30 file, and cleared out of your NAT120 file, because they have 'Exists on' unticked and so will not be reported to NCVER. If any of them need to be reported, click the button to edit them, tick 'Exists on' and save, close this window and click 'Re-Gen' to generate AVETMISS again. 

If this is intentional (for example, you are using courses as 'wrappers' for groups of units), you can stop this message from appearing by unticking 'Warn when excluding qualifications/courses not on on the first page of the Generate National AVETMISS 8 wizard. 


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