Clarification: Reporting Awards to NCVER

Statements of Attainment (Statement awards in VETtrak) need to be reported in the NAT130 if the Statement relates to the completion of a locally recognised course or skill set that is is government funded.

Statements of Attainment for subjects (units of competency, accredited units and modules) are essentially transcripts. These can be issued at the completion of non-recognised short courses for a small selection of units, or during the progression of a student to a full qualification in a recognised course. The completion records for these unit-only enrolments is derived from the NAT120 file where a competent-level result has been recorded, indicating the unit was completed successfully.

Because of this, these ‘transcript’ type Statements do not need to be reported in the NAT130 file.

This means that unless the Statement relates to the completion of a government funded, locally recognised course or skill set, it should be set to ‘Not Reportable’ in the award wizard. 

All program completions (Certificate awards) for nationally recognised programs (national qualifications, national courses and training package skill sets) need to be reported in the NAT130 file as normal.


Statement-type awards in the award wizard can now only be reported if they have a qualification with a recognition status of 13 (Nationally recognised skill set), 16 (Locally recognised skill set), or 14 (Other courses). If any other qualification is selected for a statement award, or no qualification is selected, the reportability option is now automatically set to "do not report" and disabled.

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