Adding Units To An Occurrence Class

If your Occurrence has Units attached to it, you can specify which units are to be delivered in which class:

There are several ways to achieve this, depending on how you wish to manage your Units and Classes.

A benefit of adding Units to a Class is that you can then choose to make use of the preference for particular unit results to be automatically added when Attendance is recorded.


When Adding a Single Class

When adding a new single class to an occurrence, the second page of the Class Wizard lists all the units associated with the occurrence. Tick the ones you want to link to this class:

Press Next and Finish to add the Unit(s) to the class.

Associate Units with Existing Classes

If classes have already been created, you can right-click on a class you want to add units to and select Add units to class:

This will then show a list of all Units associated with a Class - tick the ones you to link to this class:

Press Next and Finish to add the Unit(s) to the class.

Dragging and Dropping Units

If you wish to distribute Units across many classes, a simple way to do this is within the Occurrence Details Panel, by Dragging and Dropping units on to the class they are associated with:


The Link Occurrence Units and Classes wizard allows you to choose which units should be associated with particular classes, by displaying them in a simple grid layout.

You can access the Link Occurrence Units and Classes wizard by right-clicking on either the Units/Modules heading or the Classes heading after selecting an Occurrence, and selecting Link Units and Classes.

The wizard will display like so:

To associate a Unit with a particular Class, tick the corresponding box within the generated grid. Multiple Units/Classes can be linked in this way. The Use column can associate all units with a particular class.

Press Next and Finish to complete the wizard.

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