Editing AVETMISS Values

AVETMISS values are held and can be edited on an individual unit basis. When an enrolment is created, the AVETMISS details set in the enrolment will be automatically allocated to all units in the enrolment. In most cases, these can be left as they are, and modifications to all units can be made in the Enrolment Wizard.

If, however, you require different AVETMISS values to be set in individual units, right-click on the enrolment and select Edit AVETMISS values:

The Change AVETMISS Values wizard will appear:

The grid fills with all the enrolled units, with the AVETMISS values as set in the enrolment. Hover the mouse over a unit code to see the name of that unit.

  • To change a value for all units, set the value in the first row, then click on the column heading. The value in the first row will be duplicated for all units.
  • To change a value for a single unit, click on the appropriate field and select the value from the drop-down box. In this example, the highlighted unit, TACB01 has had the location and delivery type changed.


Once a value for a unit has been changed in this manner, it can no longer be changed through the Enrolment Wizard.

For example if a Unit's Location was changed within the AVETMISS Wizard, and later the Enrolment Location was amended, that Unit would not be changed alongside the Enrolment details.

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