Retrieving SMS Replies and Delivery Receipts

It is possible to get a record of which SMS messages have been delivered, and to record this information in VETtrak.

If have ticked the Accept replies box when sending your messages, it is also possible to retrieve replies to messages and record this information in VETtrak. (Replies sent to a number recorded in the Sender name or return no field cannot be processed into VETtrak. )

To retrieve delivery receipts and replies, go to Utility > Messaging > Retrieve SMS replies and receipts.

This will display the Retrieve SMS replies and delivery receipts wizard:

  1. Click Get new SMS replies and delivery receipts to load the information.
  2. The grid fills with all the messages you have sent but not yet recorded receipts for.
  3. The Status column is colour-coded according to whether the message has been successfully delivered or not.

  4. Tick the Show legend box to see an explanation of the different colours in the Status column. Click a coloured box for more information.
  5. Click the arrow to see the full text of the sent message,

  6. Clicking the View column shows the full details of the message.

  7. If you want a separate record of this information, you can export it as an Excel spreadsheet file.

Click the Replies tab to go on and process any message replies you have received:

This will display the Replies area:

NOTE: This should be used as a guide only. Mobile carriers treat delivery receipts with low priority, and some do not use them at all. Receipts are not guaranteed to be received in any particular time frame or at all, so a lack of receipt does not necessarily mean the message was not delivered.

This area behaves very similarly to the Receipts area, but focusing on retrieved replies from the contacted party.

It is important to note that the Status/Type column in this part of the wizard does have a different set of definitions:

NOTE: These details can be seen by clicking the Show Legend box

Click the Save option to record the delivery information and replies in VETtrak.

These replies will now be recorded under the Sent SMS node for a Client within the Client Manager:

You also have the information to see both the original SMS and it's Reply by right clicking these items.

If you have set up automatic actions such as confirming enrolments or unsubscribing to occur when particular SMS replies are received, these will also be implemented now.

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