Triggers and Actions Overview

The Triggers and Actions Manager allows you to set up actions that are automatically performed when users perform operations in VETtrak that meet the trigger criteria. This can be used to semi-automate workflow steps in VETtrak.

In the example above, we have a Trigger set up that will occur when a Client enrolment is created with an Enrolment Status of 'Active (Commencement)'. This would communicate that the Client in question has just been newly enrolled, so we have configured the Action for this Trigger to prompt the sending of an Email that contains a Confirmation Letter.


Examples of triggers include:

  • When you record an absent attendance for the client -> send an SMS message to the client
  • When you record an award -> update the status of its linked enrolments to "Completed"
  • When you create a client enrolment for a client in a certain group, run the Enrolment report -> save it to the document database against the enrolment -> and email it to the enrolled client

On the left, select a record type and operation. A list of triggers that have been set up for that record type and operation will be shown. Press the "Add new trigger" button to add a new trigger for that record type and operation, or select an existing trigger to edit it. The trigger definition will be shown on the right.

In a trigger, you can define criteria that must be met for the trigger to fire (in the same way that you define query criteria in Data Insights), and set up a list of actions (send email, send SMS, run report etc) that will occur in order when the trigger is fired. Each action has data associated with it (such as the merge template for email and SMS). When a user causes a trigger to be fired that meets the criteria, each action will run and show a pre-populated wizard for the action. The user can adjust things if required, and run the action, or cancel to skip the action.

Triggers are checked and run in the order they are listed. You can use the Up and Down buttons, or drag-and-drop, to change the order.


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