Bulk Staff Changer

When a staff member leaves your organisation, you may need to transfer any contracts and enrolments that they are supervising to another staff member. The Bulk Staff Changer is a utility that allows you to transfer these in bulk.

Using the Bulk Staff Changer

To open the utility, go to the Utility menu and select Bulk Staff Changer:

This will display the Bulk Staff Change Wizard:

  • In the top-left, select the Old Staff Member. This is the staff member who is currently linked to the records, and will be removed.
  • In the centre, select the New Staff Member. This will be the staff member who will be linked to the records moving forward.
  • In the top-right, select an As-of date to indicate what time period should be considered when seeking relevant information linked to the Old staff member that is to be changed.
  • In the main body of the wizard, the tabs allow you to browse Enrolments/Contracts linked to the Old Staff Member, or to view Events linked in the same way.
  • The Only show active contracts/enrolments checkbox is used to flag whether the search will display Active Enrolments/Contracts, or Events that are flagged as Incomplete.
  • Records returned from the Search option will be displayed in the main grid area, and can be sorted by clicking headings, or dragging items into the gray bar at the top to group by that heading. Any records that are to be changed will require to have the Use box ticked in the far left hand side.
  • After selecting your Staff Members, press Search in the bottom right to retrieve a list of records. When you have Selected the records you wish to update, press the Update button to process the Staff Member change. You can also choose to Export the record list to Excel should you wish.

IMPORTANT: If a Staff Member within your VETtrak is no longer active, you should flag them as Inactive by Archiving the Staff Member

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