Standard Report Update - Version 0955

Report Version: 0955

Release Date: 17/02/2017

Updated Standard Reports

Class Reports\Class Attendance by Jobactive Provider Report

  1. Programme Filter Bug Fix. Fixed a bug that caused the programme filter not to work for Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Enrolment Reports\Enrolment Numbers by Qualification

  1. Reportability Option Filter. A Reportability Option filter has been added to the report to allow users to run the report for state, national or non-reportable enrolments.
  2. Unit Spanning Filter. A new date range filter option has been added to all users to run the report for contracts/enrolments with units that have result dates spanning the date range.
  3. Award Columns. Award number columns have been added to show the certificate, statement and other type of awards that have been issued to the enrolments that are included in the count of the report. There is also an option to only show awards from enrolments where the date recorded also falls within the date range.
  4. Exclude Archived/Inactive Filters. Added check boxes above the filter options that can have archived/inactive records to exclude these from the selections. These will be checked by default.

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