Process: Withdrawing from Units

When a student ceases training after some participation without completing a unit, you will need to record a withdawn result against this unit and indicate the number of hours the student participated in. This provides your reporting body with accurate information regarding how much training was actually undertaken by the student, by providing the required AVETMISS Outcome of 40.

To record the Withdrawn status, you will need to apply a special Result to the unit. This is done by choosing the appropriate method to Withdraw from a unit/module.


Recording a Withdrawn Status against a Single Unit

To withdraw from a Unit/Module, first open the Client Manager and locate the Client's Enrolment

Identify the Unit that requires to be withdrawn, and Right Click the unit name to select Withdraw from Unit/Module

This will display the Withdraw Unit/Module Wizard

  • Unit/Module displays the Unit name 
  • Client displays the Student the Enrolment and Unit are attached to
  • Outcome (withdrawal type) displays the outcome that will be recorded
    Note: If the Unit is located in Victoria and reporting to State, the Superseded Outcome must be used
  • The Started field is the expected start date for the unit
  • The Finished field reflects the most accurate date where training ceased
  • Actual Hours provides an opportunity to reflect how much training, if any, was completed.

Enter information as you find appropriate, and press Next and Finish to save your Withdrawn unit information.

If the student has not commenced any training in this unit and you are required to report this information, enter a 0 into the Actual Hours field - this will alert the governing body that you are reporting that no training has been commenced, and the student has withdrawn from the Unit. 


Recording a Withdrawn Status against Multiple Units

This functionality exists in the VETtrak 2018 version release (Version: 18.1)

To withdraw from a group of Units/Modules, first open the Client Manager and locate the Client's Enrolment

Right-click on the Enrolment, and select Bulk record results:

The Bulk Enrolment Results Wizard will appear:

Within this Wizard:

  • Select the Withdrawn result type in the right hand selection box, and enter the Unit dates that you require.
  • Select Units to be Withdrawn by ticking the Use box on the left hand side in the bottom panel.
  • A column will be displayed titled Hours (actual) to represent how much training, if any, was completed. Enter the appropriate number of hours in the Hours (actual) column.

Press Next, and a message will appear explaining the correct use of the Withdrawn unit result.

Press Yes and Finish to record the Withdrawn result and Actual Hours against these units.


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