Waiter is a simple program, separate but integrated with VETtrak, that allows you to maintain a waiting list for clients. Clients can be enrolled into an occurrence in VETtrak from the waiting list. Waiter does not use VETtrak licences and can be freely run from multiple computers.

NOTE: If you do not have an icon on your desktop for Waiter, your IT person should be able to make the shortcut for you. Otherwise, contact support for help.

The VETtrak Waiter consists of three primary sections:

  1. Which programme?

    This section lists the programmes obtained from your VETtrak database, with the number of people already on the waiting list for the program listed in the Clients column. When a programme is selected, the other columns become active:
    • The Print column icon will open a print preview of the Waiting List Report, which includes the details of the clients on the waiting list.
    • The Email column icon will open the Email Wizard to send a message to all clients on the waiting list that have an email address specified.
    • The SMS column icon will open the SMS Wizard to send a text message to all clients on the waiting list that have a mobile phone specified.
  2. Who's already in it?

    This section lists the clients already in the waiting list for the selected programme.
    •  will update the waiting list with the most recent data. Any unsaved changes made to the client records will be lost.
  3. When a client has been selected, the following functions become available:
    •  for Referral source and Notes. Click the icon in the corresponding column to select/change the referral source or add/edit Notes.
    •  saves changes made to Referral source and/or Notes.
    •  removes the client from the waiting list.
  4. Who are you?

    This section contains the client search feature, which is identical to the one in the Client Manager, and will search your VETenrol for a matching client.
    •  opens the Fast Client Wizard for creating a new client.
    •  puts the selected clients on the waiting list for the selected programme.


NOTE: Programmes can be excluded from appearing in Waiter via a setting in the Programme Wizard.


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