Web Enrolments Essentials

Open Web Enrolments by choosing Manage > Web enrolments from the menus, or press F11 on the keyboard. Clicking the icon on the toolbar, or from the Dashboard will also open Web enrolments. There are a number of items that need to be configured before utilising this functionality.

Default Payment Location

As all payments processed in VETtrak must have a location, you need to set a default location, which will be applied to payments processed through your online enrolments. You will be unable to process any web enrolments until this has been set. 

Choose File > Global Preferences.

Within the General Preferences area, select the Invoice tab, and make a selection under Default location for payments:

Price Types

You need to indicate what price(s) you want displayed on the website for each occurrence. This is done by 'publishing' the appropriate price types.

On the pricing page of the Occurrence Wizard, there is a Publish tickbox for each pricing item.

In the example below, the organisation has a course fee, resource fee and inventory item pricing. They have chosen to only display the full fee price for these on their website by selecting the Pub tick box.

NOTE: Publishing a price type simply makes the information available to your web developer to pull into the website. If and how that information is eventually displayed on the website depends on how your web developer processes that information.

Configuring the API Location

Before you can process web enrolments, you must first set up the connection to the API that passes information between your website and VETtrak. To do this go to Manage > Web enrolments. The following message will appear:

Click OK, and click the Configure button at the bottom left of the screen that opens to display the API Processing Configuration Wizette.

Enter the the web address of your API, and click Test API Connection. You should then see a message like this:

Click Yes, then click Finish to close the wizette.
Then click the Refresh button at the bottom of the screen to display any pending enrolments

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