Standard Report Update - Version 0909

Report Version: 0909

Release Date: 16/12/2016

Class Reports

Class Attendance Cross-Tab Reports

  1. Exclude Archived/Inactive Filters. Added check boxes above the filter options that can have archived/inactive records to exclude these from the selections. These will be checked by default.
  2. Programme Filter Code. The programme code has been added to the programme filter to help identify the programme to the user. This helps in cases where there are multiple programmes with similar programme names. The code will only show where one has been entered.
  3. Occurrence ID Filter. An occurrence ID filter option has been added to allow the user to run this report for a single occurrence.
  4. Staff Member Signature. A display option to include a row at the end of each cross-tab for a staff member signature has been added. This will allow the user to include a row for the staff member to sign off each class individually.
  5. Staff Member Signature Date. A date spot has been added to the report for the purpose of manually writing the date when the staff member signs.
  6. Attendance Codes and Legend. A display option to replace the ticks and crosses shown in the cross section of the cross-tab with the attendance codes has been added to the report. A legend of the attendance codes will be shown after each cross-tab to show the name from the attendance codes.

Event Reports

Occurrence Event Report

This new report has been built for the purpose of displaying events events associated with occurrences with an option to show enrolled clients who have the associated event. Includes a filter for programme, occurrence ID, event, staff member, date range, event status, organisation and division. It is able to be run in both a print friently and an excel export friendly format.

Right-Click Report - Occurrence Classes Node

Show Attendance Record Report

  1. Staff Member Signature Date. A date spot has been added to the report for the purpose of manually writing the date when the staff member signs.
  2. Formatting Changes. The report font style has been updated along with margin changes to align with the style used in the standard reports.


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