Archiving / Deactivating a Client

An existing VETtrak client can be set to an Inactive status. Doing this will make the client unable to be selected for new enrolments or records created in future. This may be applicable once a client has completed/cancelled all their current training and will not be undertaking further training with your RTO in the foreseeable future.

Another situation could be where the client was a Staff Member, but is no longer with your company. The former staff member should no longer be listed when assigning staff to new records.

NOTE: This is not the same as making a client's contract inactive and does not affect any government reporting.

Archiving a Client

Locate the client in the Client Manager using the Client search feature, and Right-click the Personal node and choose Edit client from the menu.

This will open the Client Wizard, where you can see the Status area in the bottom right-hand side:

Dropping down this selection area will display the Inactive option:

Selecting this for a client will cause the following window to appear, providing options for what other actions you wish to take that are related to archiving a Client.

Within here, you can:

  • Indicate if you want the client removed from Groups.
  • Choose how Classes should be handled.
  • Indicate under Waitlist if you want the client removed from these.

IMPORTANT: Removing the client from classes, groups and waitlists cannot be undone!

  • Change the Enrolment Status of any active Enrolments or Contracts. This also allows a date and cancellation reason to be recorded.
  • Click Next through to the final step. Ensure Edit personal information for this client is unticked before clicking Finish.


NOTE: Clients can be reactivated in this same way, ensure when searching that inactive clients are included. Then untick Client is inactive in the Client Wizard.


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