Accessing a VETtrak Hosted Version (PC)

Please note that your client machine must support TLS 1.2 encryption.

To access a HOSTED copy of the VETtrak system, there is a unique method to do so.

Rather than opening a regular copy of VETtrak, that may be installed on your local computer or network, with an icon like this:

You instead need to open an item known as the VETtrak Launcher, which has an icon like this:

This article will cover the steps for gaining access to your VETtrak hosted version on a computer that may not have it yet!

If you are accessing the VETtrak Hosted system on a Mac computer, you will have a unique method to set up your access. Click to view our Help Centre article: Accessing A VETtrak Hosted Version (Mac)


Step 1: Set up the VETtrak Launcher on your desktop computer

To do this, you will need to log in to the VETtrak Customer Centre to access the Downloads section.

Within here, the item you require will always be listed with the name 'VETtrak Hosting Service Launcher', followed by a version number. The number will change as we update the launcher, but the name will always be what you are after!

Click the item in the list to open the EULA page, and accept the conditions listed by ticking the box:

Once the box is ticked, you can begin the download by pressing the 'Download' button on the right hand side.


Step 2: Installing the VETtrak Launcher

Once the download has completed, run it from whichever location you have saved it to, and you should get a screen like so:

Feel free to press the 'Next' button - All the default settings should be sufficient - until you reach this screen, where you can then press the install button to start the install process:

Allow the Wizard to complete the process, and close the window once done.

You should then have a VETtrak Launcher Icon on your Desktop!


Step 3: Entering your Hosted Credentials

Double click the VETtrak Launcher Icon on your desktop, to see the following window:

Within here, you will need to enter a unique set of details, known as your VETtrak Hosting Credentials, which is a unique Username and Password that allows the launcher to open your VETtrak Hosted Environment. This information can be retrieved via the VETtrak Support Centre website

It's important to note that the VETtrak Hosting log in details will be different to your VETtrak Software log in, and your Customer Centre/Website details.

In a web browser, open the VETtrak Support Centre, and log in:


Note: You can retrieve your VETtrak Support Centre password via the I Forgot My Password option.

You can then select the Hosting Password Retrieval option:


This will direct you to a new area that will provide access to the Recover your Password button:


Press this item to display the Password Recovery area:


The field that displays will contain your VETtrak Hosting Credentials, including:

  • Your 3 digit VETtrak Hosting Organisation Code
  • Your VETtrak Hosting Password

The icons on the right-hand side will allow you to both copy the password, or simply view it:

Return to the VETtrak Hosting Launcher and enter the details in the Organisation and Password fields.

Once you have entered the details, press the 'Connect' button to process the connection to your Hosted Environment!

You may receive an error such as this, but this is okay!

Tick this box to stop this error showing in future, and select the 'Connect' button to continue:

This will load your Hosted Desktop!

You can now click your VETtrak Icon to launch the software and get started!


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