The Booking Wizard

There are two very closely related wizards for bookings, the Add Booking Wizard and the Booking Wizard.

The Add Booking Wizard is invoked by choosing Create > Booking from the menu or by pressing CTRL+F3, whereas the Booking Wizard is opened when editing an existing booking from the Booking Manager or Programme Manager.

As such, the Add Booking Wizard includes steps to select employer(s) and unit(s) that are omitted by the Booking Wizard.

When creating a new booking, the Add Booking Wizard will open with the request to select an employer.

 Use the search features find and select employers.

  • Click the  icon to add a new employer, if the employer does not yet exist (this will open the Employer Wizard).
  • Click the  icon to remove all selected employers. Clicking the same icon for a specific employer listed under Selected employers will remove only that employer.
  • Click Next to proceed to the next step. At least one employer must have been selected for this button to be enabled.

NOTE: The Employer search functions as per the search feature of the Employer Manager.


The booking details is the first step for the Booking Wizard when editing an existing booking. The employer is displayed in the dialog title.

  • Set the Start date and the Finish date by typing each one manually or click the relevant down arrow to choose a date from the calendar.
  • Choose the Location where the training will take place. If training will occur at the employer's address, pick any location, as the option to report the employer's address as the location is available later.
    • The location choices are limited by the state set on the toolbar, or in the case of editing a booking, the state that was selected at creation.
    • If the location is currently empty, the  icon will open the Location wizard to create a new location, otherwise it will prompt to create or edit a location.
    • The Load all button is only available when editing a booking and can be used to allow selection of a location from across all states. Changing the location to a different state require the wizard to be closed and re-opened for AVETMISS changes to take effect.
  • Select the Division or create a new one by clicking the  icon. If Root division is selected, the new division icon will be disabled.
  • Select the applicable Reportability options to indicate how the individual enrolments in the booking are to be reported.
  • Choose a Training package qualification, if applicable. The Clear button can be used to remove the current selection.
  • Use Enrolment status to set the status of the booking. This will be Active by default for new bookings.
  • Set the Date of status change. This will be set to the start date by default for new bookings.
  • The Cancellation reason field will be available only if a status of type cancelled is chosen.
    • Select one of the existing reasons, or click the  icon to open the Cancellation Reason Wizard and create a new one.
  • Click the Description field to optionally enter notes about booking.


When creating a booking, it is possible to optionally add units to the booking.


NOTE: The Unit/Module search functions as per the search feature in the Qualification Manager.


This step collects the required AVETMISS data for the state. The screenshot depicts a nationally reportable enrolment.

See ???? for more information.

  • Programme
  • Bar Colour
  • Short code
  • Long code
  • Enrolled
  • Occ ID
  • Min clients
  • Max clients
  • Report employer as location in AVETMISS
  • Employer
  • Contact
  • RTO for enrolment (delivery provider). Click the  icon to create a new employer.
  • Referral source
  • Enrolment type
  • Vocation
  • Enrolment staff



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