Understanding the booking list

The booking list is the section in Booking Manager where bookings are listed in a table or grid format. Bookings are listed if they match the date or date range specified.

To open the Booking Manager, choose Manage > Bookings from the menu, or press F3 on the keyboard. Alternatively, click the  icon on the toolbar or from the Dashboard.

The booking list is the main element of the Booking Manager:

Information for each booking is listed for the applicable column headings, which are all arranged under three major headings:

  • Booking details.
    These identify the organisation, their contact details and when and where the training will take place.
    • Regular occurrences will display 'Occurrence' instead of the Employer name.
    • Venue and Notes can be clicked to view the details provided.
  • Training information.
    These sub-headings are about the actual training that will occur.
    • Session indicates how many classes/sessions there are in total for the booking, and where in the sequence the current class falls. Session will be blank if there are no classes on the selected day or if the selected period spans more than one day.
    • Est indicates the estimated number of participants.
    • Conf indicates the number of participants confirmed as enrolled.
    • Pend indicates the number of participants pending. Pending in this context applies only if you are utilising online enrolments via the API and is indicative of clients that have enrolled but have yet to be verified and approved via Web Enrolments.
  • Office processes.
    The sub-headings here are indicative of administrative steps your organisation follows for bookings. These are always presented as checkboxes.

Most of the columns can be resized and, in the case of column headings with icons, also moved. In addition, bookings and occurrences that are listed can be right-clicked to open a context menu.

The booking list does not contain all available details for a booking. Further details can be viewed via the Booking Wizard and, in some instances, the Programme Manager. Both of which are available from the context menu.


The context menu

The Booking Manager context menu is applicable to the selected booking/occurrence. Selecting an option from the menu without having a booking or occurrence selected will result in no action.

Right-clicking any booking/occurrence in the list to open a menu with the following options:

  • Edit booking/occurrence opens the Booking Wizard for the booking, or the Enrolment Wizard for a regular occurrence.
  • View booking/occurrence in programme manager opens the Programme Manager with the booking or occurrence selected.
  • Change booking employer opens the wizette to select a different employer. This option is for bookings only and will not show in the menu for regular occurrences.
  • Duplicate booking/occurrence opens a wizard to create an identical booking/occurrence starting on a new date.
  • Move booking/occurrence opens a wizard to move the booking/occurrence to a different date.
  • Delete booking/occurrence will permanently remove the booking/occurrence. You will need to confirm the delete.



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