Adding clients to a group (via Group Manager)

To open the Group Manager, choose Manage > Groups from the menu, or press F8 on the keyboard. Alternatively, click the  icon on the Dashboard.

  • Navigate to the group.
  • Find the clients using Client search:
    • Use the text field to enter the search terms, then press Enter on your keyboard or click the  icon to run the search. You can search by:
      • Surname, Given (a string of letters forming the beginning of their surname and/or given name)
      • Code
      • Occurrence
      • External Code
    • OR
    • Enable the checkbox to select a group from the list. Clients matching the chosen group will be displayed. When selecting from Groups it is also possible to filter results to only Active or Inactive clients, or both.
  • Select the relevant clients:
    • Hold Shift to select a sequence, clicking the first client and the last client.
    • Hold Ctrl to select individual clients
  • Drag and drop the selected clients onto the group:


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