Creating a New Group

To open the Group Manager, choose Manage > Groups from the menu, or press F8 on the keyboard. Alternatively, click the  icon on the Dashboard.

Navigate the explorer tree to identify the group or division to which the new group should belong. It is also possible to create the group at the Root division, which can be kept or changed in the wizard.

  • Right-click a division branch and choose Add new group.


  • Right-click a group branch then choose Add sub-group.

This will open the Groups Wizard:

  • The Division will be preselected, although a different one can be chosen.
  • If you entered the wizard by choosing the Add sub-group option from the menu, a Parent group will also be preselected. A different choice can be made from other groups within the same division. Click  to remove the parent group so a different Division can be chosen.
  • Enter a Code for the group.
  • Enter a Name for the group.
  • This group is archived indicates if the group should be archived. If ticked, the group will be added/moved to the Archived groups branch for the chosen division or parent group.
  • Optionally, enter a Description for the group.
  • Click Next, then Finish.


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