Group Manager Overview

Groups provides a method of arranging your clients in order to make other tasks and/or reports simpler. Utilising groups and sub-groups is optional. A client may be a member of any number of groups at any point in time.

Groups can be created within this manager, and possibly organised around the divisions set in the Security Manager.

To open the Group Manager, choose Manage > Groups from the menu, press F8 on the keyboard or from the Dashboard to open the Group Manager.

The Group Manager consists of the following (as per the default layout):

  • Groups
    This is the main section of the group manager. An explorer tree is used to represent the hierarchy of divisions and the associated groups. You can create a new group by right-clicking on the desired heading.
    •  indicates a group (or sub-group).
    •  indicates a division.
  • Client search
    Search through existing records for a particular client. Clicking the refresh button will update the list based on the search parameters. Clients can be dragged from the search pane onto the appropriate group. 
    • Use the text field to enter the search terms, then press Enter on your keyboard or click the icon to run the search. You can search by:
      • Surname, Given (a string of letters forming the beginning of their surname and/or given name)
      • Code
      • Occurrence
      • External Code
      • Advanced search: Date of Birth
      • Advanced search: Former Surname
      • Advanced search: Email Address
      • Advanced search: Home Phone
      • Advanced search: Mobile Phone
    • OR
    • Enable the checkbox to select a group from the list. Clients matching the chosen group will be displayed. When selecting from Groups it is also possible to filter results to only Active or Inactive clients, or both.
  • Clients in Group lists the members of the selected group. The Remove button will remove the selected client(s) from the group. Multiple clients can be selected by using CTRL or SHIFT. In addition, right-clicking a client will present the following menu options:
    • Edit client.
    • Edit personal information.
    • View client in client manager.
  • Group notes
    This section in the displays the notes for the selected group. New notes can be added by entering text and clicking Save. These notes correspond to the Description section in the Groups Wizard.


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