Deliverable Units

Deliverable Units identify the units and/or modules your trainers are qualified to deliver.

Open the Staff Manager by choosing Manage > Staff from the menu. The Deliverable unit branch facilitates the following operations:


Adding Deliverable units

  • Right-click Deliverable units and choose Add units from the menu.

This will open the Staff Units Wizard:

  • Use the search feature to add units/modules:
    • Select to search for Units (default) or Modules, then type the start of the unit/module code in the field provided and press enter to search.
    • Click the checkbox to browse through training packages and courses. In the case of a Training Package, you can use the Units in package branch or the core and elective branches of a qualification. Similarly, you can use the All Modules (subjects) or core and elective branches for a specific course.
  • Double-click Units/Modules on the left to add them to the Selected units/modules list on the right. If you include a unit by mistake, you can untick the Use checkbox to prevent it being added.
  • Click Next, and then Finish.

The chosen units/modules will appear as nodes under the Deliverable Units branch.


Viewing Deliverable units for a staff member

  • Expand Deliverable units to see what units and/or modules are currently assigned, if any.


Deleting a Deliverable unit

  • Expand Deliverable units.
  • Right-click the deliverable unit and choose Delete unit.
  • Click Yes when asked to confirm the delete.


Viewing the Deliverable unit report

This report lists all the Deliverable units for the staff member. This report is useful if you need a printed list.

  • Right-click Deliverable units and choose Show staff units report.

The report will be displayed in a new tab/window.


Viewing Delivering staff for a unit/module (in the Qualification Manager)

The Staff Manager will show the applicable units for the individual staff member, whereas the Qualification Manager will show a list of suitable staff for a particular unit.

NOTE: The Qualification Manager shows Delivering staff as a branch at the unit/module level, but it will list only staff members that include the unit/module assigned as a deliverable unit via the Staff Manager. Staff cannot be assigned from the Qualification Manager.

Choose Manage > Qualifications from the menus, or click the  icon on the toolbar.

  • Navigate through the explorer tree to find the unit or module.
    Units can be found in the Units in Package branch of a training package, or the core/elective branches of a specific qualification. Similarly, modules can be found in the All Modules (Subjects) branch or the core/elective branches of a specific course.

  • Expand the Unit or Module.
  • Expand the Delivering staff branch.


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