Staff Manager Overview

The Staff Manager provides information specific to your organisation's staff. While staff members can be found through the Client Manager, the Staff Manager deals exclusively with information relevant to an employee of your organisation rather than a student.

Staff can be selected when creating contracts, placements, classes or agreements.

To open the Staff Manager, choose Manage > Staff from the menu, or press F6 on the keyboard. Alternatively, click the  icon from the Dashboard.

The Staff Manager consists of the following (as per the default layout):

  • Staff search
    Search through existing records for a particular staff member. Clicking the refresh button will update the list based on the search parameters.
    • Use the text field to enter the search terms, then press Enter on your keyboard or click the icon to run the search. You can search by:
      • Surname, Given (a string of letters forming the beginning of their surname and/or given name)
      • Code
        Note that if codes contain leading zeros, these cannot be omitted when searching.
    • OR
      Enable the checkbox to select a category from the list. Staff matching the chosen category will be displayed. When selecting a staff type, it is also possible to filter results to only Active or Inactive staff.
  • Staff Information is the main content area which displays the details of the selected staff member in an explorer tree. When a staff member is selected this heading will be replaced with their name. This area will show detailed information relating to the Staff member, including:
    • Education History
    • Classes (associated with the Staff Member)
    • Contracts (associated with the Staff Member)
    • Enrolments (associated with the Staff Member)
    • Occurrences (associated with the Staff Member)
    • Placements (associated with the Staff Member)
    • Events (associated with the Staff Member)
    • Deliverable Units
  • File Note Feed shows details of any File Notes recorded for the selected item.
    • The Add button will open the File Note Wizette.
    • The Report button will allow you to run a report showing the File Notes for this item.
    • The Filters allows you to choose a specific File Note Type to display. When a filter is selected only File Notes of that type will show in the log. You can also use the Comment field to filter within the File Notes body of text. Click the [X] button to remove the current filtering.
    • File Notes will display in individual panels, with options on each to View additional information, Edit the File Note, or Delete that File Note record.
  • Staff notes
    This section in the side-pane will display the notes for the staff member. New notes can be added by clicking Save. These notes correspond to the notes section in the Client Wizard.
  • Selected item information
    This section in the side-pane will display any relevant notes for the selected item. For example, if the Personal node of the explorer tree is selected, the contents here will be identical to Staff notes.
  • Filter options
    Some selected items can be filtered. For example, if any of the Associated branches are selected, it will be possible to select a Status and/or enable the Apply date range checkbox from the Filter section of the side-pane. The nodes can then be filtered to the selections.


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