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VETenrol Admin Config Card for IntegrationVETenrol supports integration with two APIs provided by Google. Credentials can be entered on the Integration page, which is available from Configuration (VETenrol Admin Icon Config) in the VETenrol Admin.

The section is Google APIs, which is available from the APIs tab.

VETenrol Admin Integration page Google APIs section

The options are:

Geo Locations Maps Key

Enter your Google Maps API key to enable the Location fields for addresses for your users. This will permit users to begin typing their address and have Google Maps match it to known locations. A selected location will then prefill the address fields with the selection.

Obtain your Google Maps API Key here:
It is called a Google Maps Geocoding API and you will need a Google Account (the api name may change).

VETenrol Standard Registration Details Step

Details Step for the Standard Registration Process — No integration (Default)

VETenrol Standard Registration Details step with Location Field

Google API Integrated — Location field is included above the default address fields.

How it works (when enabled):

VETenrol Details Step choosing location from menu

  • Begin typing in the Location field. After a moment address results will be displayed in a drop-down menu.
  • Click on the correct address.

VETenrol Details Step Prefilled

  • The fields are pre-filled based on the selection.

ReCaptcha Keys

Enter your Google reCAPTCHA Site and Secret Keys to enable reCAPTCHA for your VETenrol enquiry forms and protect against spam.

Obtain more information on Google reCAPTCHA here:

ReCAPTCHA does not work with enquiries on inactive programmes, however it will be applied to:

  • Occurrence Enquiries (enquiry.aspx)
  • Course Enquiry Widget (courseenquiry.aspx)

How it works (when valid keys are entered):

VETenrol Course Enquiry Form

Default - No integration

VETenrol Course Enquiry Form with reCAPTURE

Integrated with reCAPTURE

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