Site Settings: Miscellaenous

Miscellaneous is a section of the Site Settings page, which is available by choosing Settings > Site Settings from the menu.

This section contains other preferences for the registration process.


The settings are:


Add Student To

This option allows organisations to specify how the registration should be handled when it comes to enrolling the student. By default, a student will be enrolled in all classes of the occurrence for which they have registered.

In some situations, for example, an organisation with a single occurrence for each of their programmes into which students enrol throughout the year, the default method can enrol students in classes that have occurred in past.

Set this option to best fit the way occurrences are being utilised in your organisation.

NOTE: In order for this setting to work correctly there must be future classes scheduled, otherwise the default behaviour applies (enrol in all classes).

NOTE: This setting also impacts the class list (if enabled) and will show only the class(es) into which the user will be enrolled if they register.


Courses Link

Enter a URL here to control the destination of the Courses breadcrumb link. The default is for this to return to the VETenrol Main Page.


NOTE: Relevant only if Show Breadcrumbs is enabled.


Auto Process

The Auto-process web reservations setting will permit registrations to be automatically processed out of Web Enrolments in VETtrak, so that staff members do not need to review and manually process these enrolments. This will only apply for occurrences where the option to process automatically has also been set in VETtrak.

Do not update matched client details will keep the existing client details in VETtrak when client matching auto-processed registrations.


Frameset Embedded

Enable this option to indicate your website is linking to VETenrol using an iFrame or similar frame element. This setting was to ensure cross-platform browser compatibility but has since been depreciated.

The Frameset Embedded option separates the registration process out of the iFrame so that it will open in a new browser tab.

Circumstances in which this setting remains relevant are:

  • Where difficulties occur displaying the credit card payment step in the iFrame.

  • The preference is to have the registration separate from course viewing/selection.

  • To gain some performance improvements for the user.


Show Breadcrumbs

Toggle this option to enable or disable the breadcrumb style navigation displayed at each step of the registration process.

For example:



Disabled (  )

Enabled (  default)


Input Masking

Toggle this option to hide or show the masking effect for mobile and email address fields in the registration process.



Disabled ( Checkbox0.png default)

Enabled ( Checkbox1.png )

NOTE: The mask shows when the field has focus (Mobile field in the screenshot), or while the mouse is hovering over a field. The email fields are all displayed in the hover state for the purpose of the screenshot.


Google Maps API Key

Enter your Google Maps API key to enable the Location fields for addresses for your users. This will permit users to begin typing their address and have Google Maps match it to known locations. A selected location will then prefill the address fields with the selection.

Obtain your Google Maps API Key here:

It is called a Google Maps Geocoding API and you will need a Google Account.

For example:



Disabled (  default)

Enabled (  )

How it works (when enabled):



Type in the location field, then click the correct address.

The fields are pre-filled based on the selection.



ReCaptcha Keys

Enter your Google reCAPTCHA Site and Secret Keys to enable reCAPTCHA for your VETenrol enquiry forms and protect against spam.

Obtain more information on Google reCAPTCHA here:

ReCAPTCHA does not work with enquiries on expired programmes, however, it will be applied to:

  • Occurrence Enquiries (enquiry.aspx)

  • Course Enquiry Widget (courseenquiry.aspx)

How it works (when valid keys are entered):



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