Group Bookings

VETenrol offers an alternative registration type in the form of a group booking facility. The purpose of which is to accept a registration from an organisation requiring training for a number of employees.

Set the Publish Options in VETtrak to accept either individual registrations, group bookings or both on a per-occurrence basis.

In most cases both individual and group bookings are offered as depicted:


Group Bookings have the following mandatory registration steps:

  • Booking
  • Places
  • Confirm (T&Cs)
  • Registration confirmation (receipt)

Only the first two steps are unique, the other mandatory steps are the same as for a normal registration. In addition, the Payment step is mandatory depending on the Payment Preferences set within Administration and/or the user’s payment choice.

There are other steps, if enabled within VETenrol Administration, that will also be presented to users as part of the group booking registration process:

  • Custom Forms
  • Custom Agreements.



The first step of the group booking registration process requests the user’s business information.


  1. The name of the person completing the registration.
  2. Company contact information.
  3. The number of places to book. Reserve Places is used to calculate the payment amount and to adjust the number of vacancies upon successful registration. Use the Update button to recalculate the price when a change is made.
  4. This pricing will not appear until a number is entered into Reserve Places.



This step allows the user to provide further details on the participants. Viewing this step is mandatory but providing the requested details on participants is not required.


  1. The price is based on the number specified for Reserve Places at the previous step (single participant price multiplied by the number of places reserved, less discounts if applicable).
  2. The Add booking names feature. Using this feature is not required. It is possible to specify either fewer or more than the reserve places indicated in the previous step.
    • To be able to add a participant, Given Name and Surname must be completed.
    • Clicking the Add Place button saves the details and clears all the fields allowing for a new entry.
  3. List of added booking names. This list appears only after the first place has been added, prior to this the statement "Add booking names above (optional)" is displayed instead.
    • The remove link deletes the associated record.

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