FinPa Integration for VETenrol

VETenrol is compatible with FinPa LMS, providing an end-to-end solution where registrations are received, processed and passed to FinPa LMS allowing participants access within minutes*.

The key steps are to be completed in VETtrak using the FinPa LMS Brands setting in the Configuration Manager:

  • Add your brand, and complete the wizard using details as provided by FinPa.
  • Once the brand is created, open FinPa/VETtrak course mappings:

  • Retrieve the course list from FinPa, then map all courses to the appropriate Unit/Module or Qualification.

Then from the Programme Manager, for each occurrence:

  • Complete the Setup Auto Web Enrolment Transfer to FinPa LMS Wizard, accessible by right-clicking 'Enrolments' for the occurrence.
    • The checkbox 'Automatically send new web enrolments in this occurrence to FinaPa LMS' must be enabled.
    • The appropriate transfer option must also be enabled.
  • Complete the Quick Publish Wizette, accessible by right-clicking 'Details' for the occurrence. The following checkboxes must be enabled:
    • Publish for LMS integration
    • Publish for online enrolment
    • Auto-process web reservations.


Occurrences must contain the Units/Module(s), or have the qualification selected, that were mapped in the configuration.

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