Understanding the LLN Quizzes Interface

VETenrol Admin Config Card for Step Creation The LLN Quizzes feature is accessed from the Configuration page (VETenrol Admin Icon Config), via the link under Step Creation.

The LLN Quizzes menu item provides access to the Language Literacy and Numeracy quiz management features.

Applying an LLN to a programme will enable the LLN Quiz step in the registration process when a customer registers for that programme.

VETenrol Admin LLN Quizzes page

Key aspects of the page:

  • Navigation:
    • Custom Agreements Step — navigate to the Custom Agreement page.
    • Custom Questions Step — navigate to the Custom Questions page.
  • Add/Edit LLN section for creating new quizzes and to view or modify existing ones.
  • List of saved quizzes, which allows them to be managed.


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