Invalid programme/occurrence error notification

A user may receive an Invalid programme/occurrence error on screen when trying to access VETenrol via a link that contains a progID or occuID. Invalid programmes and occurrences can only be resolved by the RTO.

The ProgID and OccuID correspond to the identification numbers found in VETtrak. This error can be generated due to any of the following:

  • The progID/OccuID in a registration link on your organisation’s website has been incorrectly entered.
  • The progID refers to a programme without any published occurrences.
  • There are no more vacancies for the occurrence, but a direct link to register in the occurrence is still accessible from your organisation’s website, or the user received the link via email.
  • The occurrence has expired, but a link containing the OccuID is still available from your organisation’s website or was sent to the user via email. An occurrence is generally considered expired if the start date is in the past.

Use the API Summary report in your VETenrol Admin to see what data VETenrol is receiving from VETtrak! For example, if an occurrence isn't appearing in the API Summary report, look at the occurrence in VETtrak to see if you can identify the issue. Check the:

  • Occurrence is published.
  • Start and end dates for the occurrence.
  • Max Clients setting has not been reached.

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