VETenrol session time-out

When a participant attempting to enrol receives this error, the most common causes are explained within the error text provided.

These are:

  • The registration page was left unattended for a period of time.
    The length of time is generous, for example a user could leave it to make a coffee without concern, however if it is left overnight, there will likely be an error if they try to continue with it in the morning.
  • The participant is trying to return to their registration, or to VETenrol in general, using a favourited/bookmarked link.
    Essentially the same as the above, since once a user visits VETenrol with a valid link the URL is replaced with the session link. If the user saves that link with the intention of returning later they're essentially leaving it "unattended" and the session will expire.
  • The VETtrak API timeout period has been exceeded.
    VETenrol authenticates with the API in order to communicate with VETtrak through-out the session. Successful authentication issues a token to VETenrol which is like a free pass to keep using the API, but there is an expiry and access attempts after that will result in an error.

For security, a participant generally must complete their registration in the one sitting and in a timely manner unless they make use of the Save for Later feature. They must use a valid link to reach VETenrol, such as from your website or their Save For Later email, and not a link saved from a previous visit or found in their browser history. A valid link will always include ?clientID= and will not have the long string of random letters and numbers that appears once the link has been visited.

For example:

If your participants experience time-outs commonly, it may be necessary to adjust the timeout setting for the VETtrak API. This can be done in the VETtrak API web.config file by increasing the value (in minutes) accordingly:

  • <add key="TokenTimeout" value="320"/>

If your VETtrak is hosted with VETtrak Pty Ltd, this setting should already have a suitable duration, but we can check/adjust this at your request.

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