Configure VETtrak Digital Credentials Connection

In order to issue digital credentials within VETtrak, you must first configure connection details with Credly’s Acclaim platform within your VETtrak system.

This is configured alongside your Organisation information in the Configuration Manager.

Note: Existing customers will need to contact their Account Manager to request this feature be enabled for their VETtrak account.

To open the Configuration Manager, choose Manage > Configuration from the menu, or click themceclip0.pngicon on the toolbar or from the Dashboard.


Within here, locate the Organisation heading and expand it to see your Organisation Name - Right click this item and choose Configure digital credentials:


This will display the Digital Credentials Wizard:mceclip6.png


In this area, you will need to enter your Acclaim organisation ID and the Acclaim authorisation token for your Acclaim account.

These details are found by logging into the Acclaim website - in the Organization section, go to the Developers menu and select the Authorization tokens option:


Once you have entered these details, press Test Connection to make sure the details are correct - a message like the following should display:


With this done, press Next to progress the wizard to the Credential Mapping area.


In this section you can map the created Badges/Credentials from the Acclaim website to particular Courses and Qualifications within your VETtrak database. To retrieve the most up to date list of badge templates, press the Refresh template list button.

Depending on how you wish to map Badges/Credentials, you can either do it by Qualification/Course - selecting what Badge Templates are relevant to a particular Course or Qualification:


Alternatively, you can map what Courses or Qualifications are relevant to a particular Badge Template:


To do this, simply expand the right-most drop down selection and tick the relevant options you wish to associate across your Badge Templates/Courses/Qualifications:


With your options mapped, simply press Next and Finish to exit the set up. 

This completes the set up of Digital Credentials within VETtrak.

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