Understanding Eligibility Details

A list of submitted Eligibilities can be viewed and managed by choosing Activity () and then Eligibilities from the menu.

Eligibility Details are available for each record in the list and can be opened by clicking the Open icon name link.


Users are required to complete basic information (Name, Email, Phone Number) to submit their eligibility. The fields, apart from Email which checks for a properly formed address, only ensure something has been entered.

Activity menu with Eligibilities highlighted

The Eligibility Details page displays the complete record for a single completed eligibility form.


There are three sections for the Eligibility Details page:

  1. Eligibility Results
  2. Client Details
  3. Office Use

Some of the sections have features that allow interaction.

Eligibility Results

This section provides general details about the eligibility including outcome and the list of questions asked in the eligibility form and the user's answer to each.

Client Details

This section displays the information provided by the user to complete the eligibility form.

  • Click the icon to email the user a message from a template (of type Enquiry Response).

The user's name and contact details can also be edited to correct typographical errors. To do this:

  • Edit the details in the relevant fields.
  • Click the Update Changes button.

Office use

This section provides some administrative control for the eligibility.

  • Enrolment ID — the ID for the subsequent registration, if applicable. Click the Set button to retain any changes to this field. Manually entering a registration ID will allow the Eligibility Outcome to be displayed on the Registration Details for the specified registration.
  • Comments — This field can be used by staff to add notes. Click the Update button to save any changes made to this field.


There is no logging or history for Comments. Staff should enter additional notes or messages after the existing content, unless it is no longer relevant. It is also advisable to type in dates where relevant.

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