Navigating VETtrak

Familiarity with the basic operational principals of VETtrak will ensure you get the most from the software. The following concepts may be referred to within other help centre articles or when speaking with support personnel. 


Quick Launch Bar

VETtrak has a range of 'Quick Launch' items at the top of the UI that provide access to Quick Data Creation options, and VETtrak Managers.

Hovering over an item will display a pop up message explaining what that button is for:

This Quick Launch area allows rapid access to Client, Employer and Occurrence items, as well as similar options to manage existing Clients, Employer and Programmes.

There is also quick access buttons to utilities including the CalendarVETtrak Standard and Custom Reports, Data Insights, the Award Register and AVETMISS Generation Utilities.



Explorer Trees

VETtrak uses a hierarchical structure known as Explorer Trees to display data. The and  icons are used to expand and collapse branches.


Context Menus

Many operations in VETtrak are accessed by right-clicking to display a menu. Actions available from a context menu are related to the item that was clicked.

In VETtrak, the right mouse button is only used to open context menus.



Wizards offer a step-by-step interface for data entry, and are the main method of data collection for VETtrak.

The header section of a wizard offers basic instructions for each step and can also display errors or warnings in red, for example identifying an incomplete required field.

A navigation panel is provided in advanced wizards to move between the steps:

The Cancel button will end the Wizard at any time, discarding any additions or modifications to existing data.

NOTE: Warnings regarding most required fields can be disabled by unticking Enforce Strict AVETMISS Compliance in Global preferences > Compliance preferences.


Multi-Document Interface (MDI) Windows

VETtrak provides a tabbed interface, similar to modern Internet browsers, that allow you to open and access multiple windows within the application.

The tabbed MDI can be disabled from Global Preferences. This does not prevent multiple windows being opened, but does mean they will be hidden behind the most recent window. VETtrak provides an additional menu option called Window with settings relating to the on-screen layout of open windows.

Standard controls are provided on each window:

Windows that are not maximised can be resized, moved and minimised within the application:


NOTE: Wizards can typically only be opened one at a time, although in some cases a wizard will start another wizard or wizette. Wizards can be moved and resized but not have minimise or maximise controls.

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