Performing a VETtrak Software Update

If your VETtrak is hosted with us, please contact to arrange your update. This article is only relevant if your VETtrak is locally installed.

It is important that an experienced IT resource is available to manage this process.


For a video demonstrating how to perform a VETtrak update, please see here.

Important Information

Please note you may be required to perform a database upgrade. You should ensure that you have a valid backup of your database before proceeding!

Welcome to the new version of VETtrak!

If you are new to the version upgrade process, please follow these steps:

  1. Before we take the next step, it is essential that you make sure no-one else in your organisation is using VETtrak at this time and that you have a recent backup copy of your database (VETtrak.gdb for Firebird users. If you use Microsoft SQL Server, please contact your systems administrator).
  2. Download the update from the link at the bottom of this page. NOTE: Do not select Run - you should download and save the file before running it.
  3. If you have any VETtrak customisations, they can also be downloaded from the Downloads page (they are listed on the page as "VETtrak Customisations" and will need to be installed at the same time as the VETtrak update).
  4. Close VETtrak if it's running. (On all computers that have it installed).
  5. If you have purchased and installed any additional web-based add-on products, such as the Web Connector (API), Student Portal or Trainer Portal, stop the application pools in Internet Information Services. After the VETtrak upgrade is complete, you will need to install any updates to these additional products, and restart the application pools.
  6. Double-click on each of the files you have downloaded to run each of the file installers. Repeat the following three steps for each file installer you downloaded:
    1. The destination folder defaults to "C:\VETtrak". If this is not where VETtrak is installed, click the Browse button to browse for and select the folder where VETtrak is installed. If your VETtrak is not installed to the default location, (on a server for instance) you may need to change the destination folder. Contact us on (03) 6333 0166 if you need any assistance.
    2. Click the Extract files into destination folder button, wait for it to complete, then click the OK button. This will automatically close the file installer.
  7. Start VETtrak.
  8. You may be prompted to upgrade your database structure. If this occurs:
    1. Click Yes to run the database update utility.
    2. Read the next section and tick the I confirm that the database is not in use tickbox.
    3. Read the next section and tick the I confirm that the database has been safely backed up tickbox.
    4. Click the Update database now! button to update the database to the next major version. This may take some time. Do not stop this process once started for any reason. (Even if it appears to be not responding. If you are in any doubt, please contact VETtrak Support).
    5. When complete, read the upgrade warning, then click the Yes button, followed by the Close button.
    6. Start VETtrak again. If you are a few major versions behind, it may prompt you to upgrade your database structure again to the next major version, in which case you will repeat the database update process again.
  9. You can now run the downloaded files on any other computers that have VETtrak installed, or delete them when finished.

Please contact VETtrak Support on (03) 6333 0166 if you need help.

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You should read the Release Notes in conjunction with performing the update.

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