Attributes are a way of recording custom information against a client or employer. They are commonly used as a 'tagging' mechanism so you can identify certain clients or employers via a particular attribute. This is most useful when you want to record whether a student (or employer) has, or does not have something. Attributes can also be flagged as 'Important' to better draw attention to a particular attributes when present.

Attributes can also be configured to give you an alert when adding an enrolment, invoice, payment or award to a client or employer that has the attribute.

Attributes differ from Events, in that no date can be associated with an Attribute.

To access Attributes, open the Configuration Manager by choosing Manage > Configuration from the menus.

The Configuration Manager displays an alphabetically ordered explorer tree.


Creating a new Attribute

To create a new Attribute, right-click Attributes and choose Add new attribute:

This will open the Attribute wizard:

  • Select a Name for your attribute. This is your own name for the attribute. It should clearly indicate what the attribute is tracking.
  • Enter a unique Code for the attribute. This is your own code for the attribute. This code is used as a quick reference to differentiate between existing attributes.
  • This attribute is inactive indicates if the attribute should be archived. If enabled, the attribute will be moved to the Archived attributes subheading.
  • This attribute is important - If an attribute is denoted as important, it will be more visible in VETtrak. This will change the Attribute icon to display as a red tag, as well as automatically expanding the Attributes heading for Clients/Employers with an 'Important' Attribute.
  • Alerts - This will flag the Attribute to be displayed when performing the action the tag refers to for any Client or Employer that has the attribute, for example an attribute tagged as Client Enrolment will be displayed at the time that the Client is being enrolled.

  • Description - Area where you can add your own notes describing what this attribute should be used for.


Editing an existing Attribute

  • Expand Attributes heading.
  • Right-click the Attribute and choose Edit attribute.

This will open the Attribute Wizard, where you can make changes.


Assigning Attributes

There are several methods to assign an Attribute to a Client /Employer.

The first is to look up the Client (or Employer) within the appropriate manager, and right click the Attributes heading to select Assign attribute:

From here you can then select the appropriate Attributes from the list provided in the wizard:

You can also choose to enter a unique Note via the Details option for this particular Client/Employer's attribute.

You can also assign Attributes from the Configuration manager by right clicking an existing attribute and selecting either Assign attribute to clients or Assign attribute to employers:

This will then allow you to select multiple Clients/Employers and assign the attribute in bulk:


Removing an assigned Attribute

Right click on an Attribute that appears under an Attributes heading and select Remove attribute:

A prompt will appear to confirm this action:


Alternatively you can remove attributes from within the Configuration manager by expanding the relevant Attribute, and the appropriate heading to select Remove attribute like so:

A prompt will appear to confirm this action:


Deleting an Attribute

  • Expand Attributes
  • Right-click the Attribute and choose Delete Attribute.
  • Click Yes when asked to confirm the delete.

If an error occurs, the Attribute has likely been used previously and is included in historical data. In this case, you will need to archive the Attribute to remove it from active use.


Archiving a Attribute

  • Expand Attributes
  • Right-click the Attribute and choose Edit Attribute.
  • Tick the This attribute is inactive box
  • Click Next and then Finish.


This will then result in the Attribute displaying under the Archived Attribute heading, and will no longer be a selectable option when selecting Attributes in future.


Viewing the Attribute report

The Attribute report lists all the Attribute in your database, including archived, by state.

To show the report for all states:

  • Expand the Attribute and choose Show Attribute report for either the Clients heading or the Employers heading:


The report will be displayed in a new tab/window.


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