Attendance Types

Different Attendance Types can be setup in VETtrak to give you a greater level of detail when recording student attendance. By default, VETtrak includes the basic options of Present, Absent and Sick, but you can add any other attendance type you require. These attendance types can be used from with VETtrak itself, and through the Trainer Portal.

Name* - This is your own name for the attendance type. This will be the name that your administration staff or trainers select in VETtrak when recording attendances.

Code - This is your own code to differentiate between attendance types. It will be used to provide a quick reference for the attendance type, without listing the full name.

How the attendance hours are counted* - Each attendance type can count either positively (as in a normal attended type), not count at all (as in absent types) or count negatively if you want to reduce someone's attended hours by a certain type of record. These attendance hours can then be displayed on custom and built-in in reports.

Report Colour - This is a method to colour code a particular attendance type within a custom report request, for example - denoting Green as a Present attendance type.

Additional settings - 

  • Set this type as the default – Only one attendance type can have this option set. Ticking this box will mean that when you record a class attendance it will default to this type (but can be changed). This can be changed to suit your needs depending on which type of attendance you record most often.
  • This attendance type is inactive – Ticking this box will ‘archive’ the attendance type, meaning it can no longer be selected when recording attendance. This will not affect existing records of this attendance.
  • Available in the Trainer Portal – If relevant, this option will allow you to easily choose which attendance types your trainers can assign through the trainer portal. In effect, this option allows you to have ‘Office use only’ attendances, which your trainers do not have access to, but your administration staff do.
  • This is a type of virtual attendance – Indicate that this attendance reflects an online/virtual attendance record for online delivered learning
  • Can consume Foundation Skills category hours – It ticked this will communicate that this attendance type will factor the hours of attendance into the remaining Foundation Skills hours for the student.

Description - Area where you can add your own notes for this attendance type.

*             Indicates a mandatory field.

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